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Our Hopes and Dreams for

Well, I do have plans for this website. I really do want it to become a "meeting place" for those who share a love and appreciation for the Hamilton Mountain community. The challenge will always be finding the time to make that objective a reality.

There are certainly a variety of heritage/history themes that invite more attention. In discussions about this site with others some things that have been suggested are; providing a glossary of street and neighbourhood names, creating a map with all the Hamilton Mountain cemeteries on it, sharing personal and family remembrances. Someone suggested that we should provide some photos and a bit of background about the development of the schools on the Mountain. There are Parks to be celebrated and historic plaques to be listed. There really are few limits. Your comments and suggestions will be added to the mix.

There is more to come!

Check back often to stay up to date on what is happening on Hamilton Mountain.

The banner graphic on this page depicts a dramatic winter photo of the Hamilton escarpment. Photo credit: Gary Kaulback.