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The Hamilton Mountain Heritage Society

If you are interested in the history and heritage of the Mountain community then you need to become acquainted with the HMHS. This organization, established in 1996, focuses on recovering, recording and preserving the heritage of the Mountain community. It has initiated and supported several publications related to Mountain history. Each year it holds a number of public meetings at which the history of the Mountain community is presented and celebrated. In the past decade this organization has taken numerous initiatives to deepen public awareness of the history and heritage of the Mountain community. The banner graphic on this page is one of the earliest pictures of what came to be known as "Henderson Hospital" in recognition of the community commitment of Nora-Frances Henderson. The HMHS waged a spirited public campaign, unfortunately without success, to preserve this heritage name on a public building in our community. The HMHS maintains an extensive website. To visit it simply click on HMHS website.

In fact, if you are a resident of the Mountain and interested in your community you are encouraged to consider lending your support to what the HMHS is attempting to do in our community.

The banner graphic on this page is from a postcard that carries the caption "Mountain Hospital, Hamilton, Ontario from an aeroplane" produced by the Canada Post Card Company, Toronto, in 1919. (Courtesy of Robin McKee.)