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Gary Kaulback's Heritage Video Series is now Complete

Gary Kaulback's Video - "On the Mountain"

The inspiration for "On the Mountain" sprang from Gary's memories of the Millionaire Drive Inn which was in full swing when he was young. That nostalgic memory prompted him to undertake a truly significant personal video project that will serve as an inspiration to our whole Mountain community. We invite you to take a few minutes to watch the opening scenes of his project and we think that you will decide that you want to watch all 50 minutes of the complete DVD.

We believe that Gary Kaulback's new video "On the Mountain" does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the Hamilton Mountain. It has received enthusiastic comments and reviews and was even short listed for a Governor General's Local History Award in 2011. It tells the story of how our community began and identifies the things that make it a great place to live. It presents the history of the Mountain in such an engaging way that even those not much into history will be captivated. In his videography Gary demonstrates a great love for Hamilton. This video is an expression of Gary's own personal conviction that the Mountain deserves to be more widely celebrated and appreciated. It is a great DVD for families to watch together and it will definitely inspire older residents of the Mountain to trade many "Remember When" stories. This video will also enable newer Mountain residents to connect with the roots of their Mountain community.

Gary went on to produce two additional videos on the heritage of the Hamilton community. Excerpts from both of these videos may be viewed below.

"On the Bay", his second video, recounts the story of the significance of Hamilton's location at the western end of Lake Ontario. Here is a preview of "On the Bay".

"On the Town", the final video in this tremendous project, tells how the Hamilton emerged to become the city we know today. Watch this brief preview

Gary's three videos are on sale in the Hamilton community for only $14.95 each.

The banner graphic on this page comes from the packaging of Gary Kaulback's "On the Mountain" DVD.