Karst, Hiking Trails, and Waterfalls on the Mountain

While the focus of this website is on the heritage and history of the Hamilton Mountain we canot ignore the Mountain's natural beauty. Hamilton Mountain is blessed with many parks, playgrounds and green spaces. Of course, we cannot fail to acknowledge Hamilton as the City of Waterfalls and guess what, most of them are a consequence of the existence of the Hamilton Mountain. Waterfalls not only play a significant role in our history but they also add to our scenic beauty in dramatic and spectacular ways. The Mountain has walking and hiking trails and some fascinating natural areas that have only recently come to public attention.

We do not propose to provide a directory to all these resources but we do hope to highlight at least a few of them. The natural resources of the Mountain are a significant part of what gives the Mountain such a treasured a place in the memories and experience of so many people.

Friends of the Eramosa Karst (FOTEK)

In recent years a local secret has become a valued community resource. Those who originally settled in an area on the Mountain above Stoney Creek knew that their properties held fascinating secrets - underground streams, concealed caves, and mysterious waterfalls. Only in recent years have these phenomena come to the attention of a wider public and an effort begun to protect this significant natural resource from the obliterating devastations of development. A group called "Friends of the Eramosa Karst" (FOTEK) has emerged to lead the way in claiming and protecting this area for the benefit of the whole community. Their website at not only relates the ongoing struggle that was required to protect the area from development, but it also explains the natural history involved. If you visit the FOTEK website don't miss looking at their Flora and Fauna page which illustrates the wonderful natural wildlife resources right on our doorstep. This area, now in the care of the Hamilton Conservation Authority, is open to the public and deserves to be seen and appreciated by anyone who has an interest in the natural resources of the Hamilton Mountain.

Know the Parks in your Neighbourhood

The city of Hamilton Public Works Department maintains a list of all the parks in the City of Hamilton. Unfortunately this alphabetical list is not separated out according to neighbourhoods so it is difficult to identify the ones that may be most accessible to you. However, we have a suggestion. Go on the Google map of the Mountain, zoom in a bit, and start look for the green spaces in your neighbourhood. You may make some very interesting discoveries.

Check back often to stay up to date on what is happening on Hamilton Mountain.