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Photos of Hamilton Mountain

There is not yet a preferred place on the Internet where Hamilton photographers go to display their local photographs. That will probably come, but in the meantime there is no shortage of excellent material - it just takes a little effort to track it down. We want to share a few sites that we have located. These are photos from throughout the Hamilton community but no local photographer could possibly ignore the Mountain.

One wonderful collection of contemporary Hamilton photographs is available on a website called There are several excellent collections of local photos on this site and it is worth spending some time here. One only laments that there are not a few more informative captions.

One major project to preserve a photographic record of significant historical buildings in the Hamilton area is Historical Hamilton. was started by Paul Dolanjski in 2006 and he has since been joined in the project by his friend Brian Kowalewicz. If you are looking for a photograph of a surviving historical building in the Hamilton area this is a place to check. Their Mountain area collection already has some 60 entries, each accompanied by a neat location map.

Postcards are a source of some interesting old views of our community. While many of the postcards focus on the lower city the Mountain Access routes and the Inclines provided material for a number of them. Check out the collection at Vintage Postcards of Hamilton where the cards are organized into categories.

Check back often to stay up to date on what is happening on Hamilton Mountain.

The banner graphic on this page depicts a view of the lower city from a location just west of what was once the top of the Wentworth Street Incline. Credit: R. J. Bernhardt.