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What we sometimes forget is that what existed even 30 years ago is as much a part of our history, and as deserving of being remembered and documented, as things from 100 years ago or more. Ironically, pictures of Concession Street taken in the decades around 1900 are regarded as historical while those taken around 1940 or later are merely considered quaint. We would like to gather some of those quaint photos from the 1930s and 1940s, and even up into the 70s, taken in and around Concession Street, and preserve and display them for our children. As photography was a growing hobby during those decades there must surely be a large number of fascinating and informative photos tucked away in family photo albums.

The Mission Hall on Concession Street.We would be very grateful if anyone who may have such photos tucked away amongst their personal treasures would be willing to allow us to scan them and display them as part of this website. All we can offer in return is very careful handling of your photos while they are in our care, a copy of the scan, and a photo credit on the website. In most instances photos would only need to be made available to us for a couple of days. Perhaps you have some classic photos that deserve to be shared within our community. We will try to add a few historical notes to set them in context and post them to this site. (Of course we are interested in photos of other areas in our Mountain community as well.)

If you have anything of interest that you are willing to share, please e-mail me at or call me at 905-574-0096. I would love to hear from you. I will be watching my inbox for mail.

Bob Bernhardt, Webmaster,

Examples of photos that must be out there somewhere:
The old water tower (dismantled in 1956)
The Jolley residence "Bellemont", later the Dale Community Centre (demolished in 1964)
Cars and street scenes
The old Mountain Library
The Mission Hall (1860-1952)
Events at Mountain Drive Park

Historical Note: Few streets were more at the heart of the development of the modern Mountain community than Concession Street (known earlier as Stone Road). From 1891 until 1929 it formed the city of Hamilton's boundary with Barton Township. It served as "Main Street" for those early decades when Hamilton began to spill up onto the escarpment.

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